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Archive for January 2009
The Long Stand Light picture by Bes Z

The existence of contrasting elements in the universe, and things outside of the universe, result in more disagreements than the creation of the feelings of awe and interest, and the feeling that maybe contrasting elements are at the same time related directly and similar, among observers of different kinds. One of such contrasting elements is the idea of minimalism. In simple terms, it is the idea of something existing in a minimal form where external elements, like backgrounds or different characters in a picture, do not confuse an observer when it comes to observing a single specific theme in a picture. Minimalism can be in many things including pictures. Me talking about minimalism in such confusing terms can be considered both a minimalistic form of confusing myself, and also a contrast to the very idea of minimalism.

On a very beautiful, cold and foggy day in Berkeley, I ran across this light. A stand, to be more precise. Or maybe a light stand. This light shines at night, to try to show the way to anyone who approaches it from near or from far, directly or indirectly. This very stand, not seen at all from a 60 second walking distance, suddenly unveiled itself in front of me when I was walking to the nearby hill edge stop sign. The fog made it hard to clearly look at the inner details of this stop light sign. Maybe that is what I needed to discover, for the stand light had very impressively shown how it compares against the background with its firm stand. I did, however, notice that as I came closer, the actual image that I had from the far was still there, while I also saw finer details, like rusting off the stand in one spots, 2 light bulb spot reflection dots, and a reddish sticker sticking near the top, which you can see on the stand in the full larger picture.

The Chair Encounter Meeting - Part 1

It was January 6th, 2009. A new dawn. A new year. A new day. "And a new tooth!" I heard one of the dentist nurse say that. I had driven a friend to the dentist. While I sat in one corner, waiting for my friend to come out, I noticed these three chairs. They just sat there, probably waiting for the dentist also. Or maybe they were waiting for some patients to come in. Hmm, it made me wonder about the chair I was sitting on.

The moon & the hills in Gorman before nightfall

I was driving from Irvine, Orange County, CA to Pleasant Hill, Bay Area, CA. I was hungry. And the mp3 cd I had burnt for the trip wasn’t working. So I decided to use my laptop on the passenger seat to listen to the cd. It would run for a while, maybe an hour or two. So I stopped at the Gorman exit in Lebec to enjoy the cold weather and then to maybe eat something, and start Winamp on my laptop. There was a Carl’s Jr to my right, when I took this picture.

I love how the hills and the moon looks. We always talk about different places where there is good scenery, yet such hills are not only in our backyards, but all around us. And at the same time, we love talking about metaphors and imagination, without actually doing anything. All we need to do is to go to them and have them come to us too.

It was very cold when I took this picture, and I did not have a jacket on. The mere thought of the cold weather, this picture, the drive, life, and some yummy food on its way made me realize that the jacket can be avoided for as long as possible.

Thanks for looking! :)